Stainless Steel Cookware Buying Guide

stainless steel cookwareStainless steel cookware material is one of the most extensive cookware material used by most households worldwide. It is an alloy of carbon, chromium, nickel, and steel. It does not react with food like other cookware material such as aluminum and copper, and offers advantages such as stain-resistant, warp-resistant, and durable. However, the only disadvantage of this cookware material is that it does not conduct heat well.

Today the market is filled with so many different brands and makes of stainless steel cookware sets making it quite complex and confusing when it comes to understanding what type of stainless steel cookware is right for your kitchen. Following are the points to keep in mind while purchasing stainless steel cookware. Also, it is very important to go through cookware set reviews as otherwise you will lose your money for a bad product.

Points to bear in mind while purchasing stainless steel cookware?

Multi-Layering of Metals – Ply

The practice of multi-layering of metals when creating a pan or pot is called as “ply”. Merging different metals enhances the performance of the cookware material. In other words, melding helps in bringing out each of the metal’s properties that are layered when manufacturing a pan/pot. For example, combining aluminum and stainless steel enhances the durability of the cookware and helps in evenly distributing the heat. Today, almost all pans and pots include a variety of plys, and the number of layers used can be comfortably found out when reading the name of the pan/pot.

7-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

The 7-ply stainless steel cookware includes a magnetic layer that is induction friendly along with layers of aluminum and stainless steel. The seven layers of metal extend from the top to the bottom of the pan/pot. This series of cookware is a lot heavier when compared to the 3-plys and the 5-plys available in the market. Most professional chefs prefer higher end stainless steel cookware material, thus making the 7-ply stainless steel cookware material an ideal choice for high-end cooking. All-Clad is the leading manufacturer of the 7-ply stainless steel cookware sets.

5-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

The 5-ply stainless steel cookware series includes five layers of metals. The chances of warping due to regular wear and tear are reduced in this line of cookware when compared to the 3-plys. Most experts do not find any additional benefits when they compare the 3-ply and the 5-ply stainless steel cookware sets. The 5-ply cookware is much expensive and a little heavier than 3-ply stainless steel cookware. Mauviel, All-Clad, and Cuisinart are the leading manufacturers of the 5-ply stainless steel cookware series.

3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

The 3-ply stainless steel cookware includes three layers of metals merged – copper or aluminum along with stainless steel. Most manufacturers of the 3-ply series either use aluminum up the sides of the cookware or construct cookware using an aluminum disc or base. All-Clad is the most popular and leading manufacturer of the 3-ply stainless steel cookware series. This all-American cookware brand is not only oven and broiler safe, but also, dishwasher safe. All pots and pans of this brand can be used on gas, halogen, induction, and electric cooktops.

A good quality stainless steel cookware should offer extraordinary performance, hassle-free cleaning, 100% stick resistant inner layer and easy cooking options. Other features of good-quality stainless steel cookware sets include a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, reduced hot spots, even heating, and riveted handles that stay cool when cooking.

Vapor/Waterless Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set

This type of cookware series is designed to facilitate steam cooking. Apart from offering versatile cooking conditions, the vapor/waterless stainless steel cookware sets are excellent for steaming, braising, parboiling, boiling, sautéing, frying, and simmering.

If you are looking for an exceptional cookware material, which offers world-class performance with a classic twist, then stainless steel cookware sets are ideal for you. We hope that this run-down will help you in sorting out your options and assist you in purchasing a stainless steel cookware set that matches your cooking needs and budget.

Why I prefer Masticating Juicers over Centrifugal Juicer

centrifugal juicerI cannot recall how long I had been using my Centrifugal Juicer when one day my mother came over to my house for a short stay. I used to make different juices for her daily. One day she told me her special recipe for a vegetable and fruit juice she used to make for me when I was a kid. Just as I was writing the ingredients, my sour expression conveyed my thoughts. I had a centrifugal juicer and spinach was one of the ingredients.

masticating juicerIt was at that time when I decided to switch to masticating juicer. Te decision was a hard one at first because the purchase meant I had to live on stringent budget for sometime; but it was worth it. If you are also in the market for a masticating juicer, see the list of best juicers to find one that’s perfect for you. At first it may seem a little outrageous to purchase a new juicer just because you are not able to make spinach, broccoli or other leafy vegetable juices. But masticating juicer is much more than that.

Nutritional Benefits:

It keeps the nutrition and enzymes intact and prevents oxidation of juice. As the name suggests, the masticating juicer masticates or chews or kneads the fruits or vegetables slowly and constantly to produce more pulp thus reducing the friction and resulting heat in the process. Thus the enzymes in the juice are not destroyed which means the juice is far more healthy and nutrient packed as compared to the centrifugal juicer. Further as the juice is prepared slowly the oxidation process is also slowed down.

More Taste:

The juices produced by masticating juicer are tastier as compared to centrifugal juicers. Though we cannot deny that dieting is healthy, but if taste can be incorporated in the diet food, it becomes easy also. If you have been consuming juices made in centrifugal juicers, it is sure that you will notice the change in taste once you switch to the masticating juicers. The more tasty juice can help you keep going all the way.

More Juice, Dry Pulp:

Another advantage of the masticating juicers is that for a same amount of fruits and vegetables the amount of juice produced in a masticating juicer is significantly more than a centrifugal juicer. Te pulp produced is drier and thus you get maximum output. Also, it is easier to clean a masticating juicer as compared to a centrifugal juicer. You are able to juice out all the kinds of fruits and vegetables using the masticating juicer.

Current Trends in Juicing:


Recently juicing has been revolutionized as people are concentrating more on making the ingredients healthier and nutrition oriented. Te recipes are changing combining a lot of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The condiments and spices are becoming a usual additive making juicing a sophisticated process. All this may come at a high price if you go and buy it in the market. And if you try to make all such juices in centrifugal juicers, it is a tedious process. Therefore masticating juicers are becoming a must for juice enthusiasts like me. In these juicers, you have to just chop the ingredients and herbs; put them in the juicer and get your glass ready for the yummy and healthy juices.

There is just one flaw (which is really not a flaw) in the masticating juicers – you have to chop the fruits and vegetables in small pieces as the cutes are small. But this should not discourage you from using them. The slow juicing with all its benefits and nutritional value cannot be ignored or even slighted by this additional small effort one has to put for juicing. At least it has never stopped me from using my juicer and I am known to be a lazy one among my friends.

I have enjoyed a really long and healthy time with my masticating juicer and would recommend the same to all my readers.

Our Favorite Food Blogs plus Favorite Infographic

Favorite Food Blogs

There are so many food websites and so little time. Following are our favorite food sites.

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Favorite Infographic

Cooking Methods Infographic

Cooking Methods Infographic

How to buy an espresso machine for your cafe

The modern world allows for everyone to have a good espresso machine in their homes, making it difficult for coffee shop owners to compete for the best espresso on the market. As amateurs and connoisseurs buy and utilize wonderful espresso machines to use at home, cafe owners lose customers every day.

So, if you intend to open a new cafe you would need to have the same if not better espresso machines than your clients. However, if you are new to this kind of business the purchasing of the proper equipment can be a really scary affair. The process is complicated by the multiple little things you should know about the machines and by the fact that you should know what to look for from the very beginning.

Choose the kind of espresso machine you want

difference between super automatic and semi automatic espresso machineThe espresso machines came in different categories – super automatic, semi automatic and manual. Your first worry should be to decide which type you want for your cafe. The super automatic espresso machines are the most popular today, as they are easy to manage and require very little work from your part. Impressa Z9 from Jura, which was rated as the best super automatic espresso machine by makes everything very easy. The semi automatics, on the other hand, are the oldest one and according to professionals the quality of the coffee they produce is the best. However, those kinds of espresso machines are not very convenient for a busy cafe.

Decide what exactly you want

The next step in your journey would be to explore the different machines and their characteristics. Ask yourself what kind of drinks you want the machine to make – latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc. How many drinks do you need in one swoop and what performance you expect from it? Other things to consider would be connected with maintenance, durability and cleaning.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on it

The price of the espresso machine is your next concern. For example, you can always buy a good machine for less than $1000, but it would lack some very important features. The boiler, for example, is one of the most important features of an espresso machine, which is expected to perform for long hours every day. The less costly machines usually have a single boiler and are unable to brew and steam the milk at the same time. But, the machines equipped with two boilers cost almost twice as much.

Purchase a high quality bean grinder

bean grinderNo cafe can do without a good bean grinder, as it is essential for the good quality of the drinks that are prepared there. Some of the modern espresso machines came with a grinder, but in most cases it is up to you to buy one.


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