How to buy an espresso machine for your cafe

The modern world allows for everyone to have a good espresso machine in their homes, making it difficult for coffee shop owners to compete for the best espresso on the market. As amateurs and connoisseurs buy and utilize wonderful espresso machines to use at home, cafe owners lose customers every day.

So, if you intend to open a new cafe you would need to have the same if not better espresso machines than your clients. However, if you are new to this kind of business the purchasing of the proper equipment can be a really scary affair. The process is complicated by the multiple little things you should know about the machines and by the fact that you should know what to look for from the very beginning.

Choose the kind of espresso machine you want

difference between super automatic and semi automatic espresso machineThe espresso machines came in different categories – super automatic, semi automatic and manual. Your first worry should be to decide which type you want for your cafe. The super automatic espresso machines are the most popular today, as they are easy to manage and require very little work from your part. Impressa Z9 from Jura, which was rated as the best super automatic espresso machine by makes everything very easy. The semi automatics, on the other hand, are the oldest one and according to professionals the quality of the coffee they produce is the best. However, those kinds of espresso machines are not very convenient for a busy cafe.

Decide what exactly you want

The next step in your journey would be to explore the different machines and their characteristics. Ask yourself what kind of drinks you want the machine to make – latte, cappuccino, espresso, etc. How many drinks do you need in one swoop and what performance you expect from it? Other things to consider would be connected with maintenance, durability and cleaning.

Decide how much you are willing to spend on it

The price of the espresso machine is your next concern. For example, you can always buy a good machine for less than $1000, but it would lack some very important features. The boiler, for example, is one of the most important features of an espresso machine, which is expected to perform for long hours every day. The less costly machines usually have a single boiler and are unable to brew and steam the milk at the same time. But, the machines equipped with two boilers cost almost twice as much.

Purchase a high quality bean grinder

bean grinderNo cafe can do without a good bean grinder, as it is essential for the good quality of the drinks that are prepared there. Some of the modern espresso machines came with a grinder, but in most cases it is up to you to buy one.


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Together with his partner and business manager Andrew Ha and a world class team, Jean-Marie Josselin creates an array of tapas-style dishes inspired by tastes from all around the world yet prepared from local ingredients. The end result: a dynamic and energetic restaurant atmosphere, a new and exciting culinary presence on Kauai, and unforgettable dining experiences for each and every visitor.